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Welcome to the Player Signups for the 3rd edition of the Hindi Premier League. The original thread can be found here.
The 8 tiers in this tournament are
SS Ubers
SS 1V1
SS Monotype
SS Random Battles
Nat Dex AG

This is a team tour with 8 teams. Each team will consist of 12 players 8 of which will start in a tie. 6 out of the 8 starters have to be Hindi speakers and the rest is open to the public. Similarly 8 of the 12 players in a team have to be Hindi speakers. Knowing just a bit of Hindi is enough to qualify as a Hindi speaker. In case of users not known to the host team, a background check will be conducted.

The winning team will receive a custom avatar subject to approval by PS Upperstaff

For this year's format, teams will be fighting in a round robin where every team will play every other team. At the end of the round robin, the top four teams will move on to the playoffs where the first seed will play the fourth seed and the second seed will play the third seed to determine who will be this year’s finalists. A win will be worth 2 points, a draw 1, and a loss 0.

Activity Calls

Make contact with your opponents! Every season we have to make activity calls that displease one party member. To prevent this, post a VM on their Smogon wall to try to set a date for the battle. If you do this via any other medium, save logs and screenshots so that in the event of an activity call, you get it to go your way. Leave time zones, preferred time to play, and be specific. No activity calls will be made if neither team's players or managers post about it, so take initiative on that.

Dead Games

In the event that a game is not played and neither teams post for an activity call, it will be declared a dead game, which means that the game will be taken as to not exist. This will also be the case if an activity post is made but neither players showed a satisfactory level of activity. Schedule properly to not let these occur!

What if there is a tie ?

We will have a best-of-three be played. Each manager will have 24 hours to choose one tier after the tie has been announced. Failure to comply will result in their choice being defaulted to SWSH OU. In addition to the two manager picks, the third tier will be SWSH OU. The managers will announce their picks in the thread or via PM to me or Xprienzo, and will then submit their lineups for the three tiers. This will only come into effect in the event that there is a tie during the playoffs.

Will there be prizes?

A Team Custom Avatar for the winning team:
Starting this year, the winning team of HPL will be awarded a team avatar of their choosing subject to approval by PS! Upperstaff.

Standard tournament scheduling and sportsmanship rules apply.

The managers are Winterains Ron Dj Breloominati♬ Atiultra Ashbala TDR Greentea570 and skimmythegod

You can only play the tiers mentioned in the tiers played section for the first four weeks of the tournament

Please use the format given below to signup

Player Name:
Significant Activity Missed (From Aug to Oct):
Tiers Played:
Is Hindi Speaker: Yes/No

Do not use this thread for any purpose other than signing up
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Player Name: Crunchman
Timezone: GMT-7
Significant Activity Missed (From Aug to Oct): short trip Aug 10-15 and then starting college
Tiers Played: LC, Ubers, Random Battles, sub (any)
Is Hindi Speaker: I am learning but no
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Player Name: Abhi
Timezone: +5.5
Significant Activity Missed (From Aug to Oct): midterms in September but I'm cool so probably won't be completely missing
Tiers Played: ss ou
Is Hindi Speaker: bol sakta hu bolne ka man nahi karta
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